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Link building is a way of link promotion when a lot of external links are collected to optimize the resource.

It is necessary to distinguish a reference mass increase from link building. Buying external links on specialized stock exchanges is not link building.

Buying links is not their construction. For example, buying a house is much faster than building it, but it will not necessarily be cozy. You can build a house only on the basis of your own preferences and desires, but it is quite a costly thing.

The same pattern can be traced back to SEO. You can buy links in one of the stock exchanges, but links from such resources will not always be of high quality.
Crowd marketing is the placement of recommendations on forums, social networks, and info sites. Appropriate crowd marketing ≠ spam and false reviews. The essence of the method - in communication and solving user problems.

Customers communicate on forums, under articles of information portals, in social networks and Q&A services.

Our team acts as follows:

Find a good platform and suitable discussion. Carefully reads the messages, identifies the problem. Helps to solve the issue - gives advice as an expert, while mentioning the brand.

The meaning of crowd-marketing is in communication with target audience and solving the problems of users. Communication with the target audience is in itself important for business People like honest dialogue without spam and deception. Thus, crowd marketing gives an opportunity to get readymade customers without extra costs.
Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy aimed at attracting the target audience and building trustful relationships. To achieve these goals, marketers create and distribute relevant content.

Why content marketing is important?

Content marketing helps to build long-term relationships with the target audience. It helps attract potential customers and retain existing ones. For example, companies that have a blog attract 55% more visitors.

According to Content Marketing Institute statistics, content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search advertising. Demand Gen Report studies have shown that 47% of buyers look at three to five posts before buying a product or service.
One popular way to keep content up to date is to manage a news section or blog. And this can be a huge problem because it may be difficult to find news.

Already at the stage of discussing the terms and conditions, you need to think twice about whether you will be able to issue news on a regular basis? Will you have time for this? If not, then immediately delegate this responsibility to Mellow Promo.

In general, the news is not as bad as it may seem. It's common knowledge that there is not few info-guides in any subject matter, you only need to be able to adapt them to your own business.

Our team will analyze your brand, its advantages, and features and will regularly supply with unique content for your blog and social media.
SEO-audit — is a check of the website before the full search engine promotion. Free audits online just provide you with some template recommendations. Moreover, we analyze your website in detail on dozens of metrics for compliance with the requirements of search engines and relevance to the target audience.

Our experts will find out if your site is optimized to achieve your traffic goals. And if not, we will provide individual guidance on how to correct them.

You can choose one of the packages to audit your site:
SEO is a clearly defined set of requirements. If all of them are satisfied, traffic on the website can be increased significantly. The result will be the attraction of interested leads, who will later become your customers. Thus, the promotion of the site helps to achieve the main thing in any business - income.
Expected traffic growth for
up to 10 000 monthly in 1 year
Expected traffic growth for
up to 5000 monthly in 1 year
Expected traffic growth for
up to 1000 monthly in 1 year