Manual Link Building: Why You Need It & How to Use


Over the years, link builders and marketers have argued about whether manual link building is still a viable strategy. Google’s preferences for the types of links that websites should use shift on a regular basis. A search engine’s approval of a method today may change tomorrow. However, it is becoming clear that manual backlinks are… Read more »

How to Create an SEO Content Strategy


According to statistics, 46% of companies plan to increase spending on content creation in the current year 2023. With many organizations prioritizing content marketing, attracting new customers online is becoming more competitive than ever. The wood to this fire has been thrown on by AI of course – it has become ubiquitous for a wide… Read more »

How to Run a Content Audit


When content is king, companies and website owners are constantly striving to create and deliver valuable content to their audience. Especially today, when everyone has begun to actively use ChatGPT for SEO and other AI services to create all types of content.  However, due to the ever-increasing volume of content being created, it’s easy for… Read more »

Link Building Strategies and Techniques


According to Google, backlink quality remains one of the top three ranking factors, followed by content and mobile optimization. If you want to rise in search rankings, your best bet is to focus on organic link building and get lots of high-authority links to your site. SEO professionals are always looking for new and innovative… Read more »

How to Use ChatGPT for SEO to Boost Your Performance


Artificial intelligence is far from being a new trend in SEO. It has long been used in chatbots, Email processing services, etc. Also, AI has always been a search engine ranking factor (the notorious Rankbrain from 2015). But what happened was this. One of the AI became available to users and today it has revolutionized… Read more »

SEO website structure


Website architecture plays a crucial role in the success of a website, particularly in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). This organization and structure not only improve user experience but also optimize SEO performance. A clear and logical site structure helps search engines understand and index content effectively, leading to better visibility in search engine… Read more »

What is Link Building Outreach and How to Do It Effectively


Increasing your link profile is one of the priority tasks when working with information and commercial projects in any niche. There are a lot of link building methods, so the optimizer needs to use the maximum number of options to defeat competitors and protect the site from sanctions. Typically, webmasters choose the simplest methods: submissions,… Read more »

What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and How to Avoid It


Keyword cannibalization is a major problem for any website that is looking to improve its search engine rankings. It occurs when multiple web pages on a site are optimized for the same search phrase, which can result in decreased site visibility and poor search rankings. This phenomenon can be caused by using the same keywords… Read more »

Keyword Mapping for SEO


One of the fundamental aspects in SEO that often determines the success of your online presence is the strategic use of keywords. Keyword mapping involves connecting the dots between the keywords you target and the content you create. By effectively mapping your keywords, you can optimize your website for search engines and improve your visibility,… Read more »

Content Gap Analysis for SEO


Mastering the art of SEO is akin to owning a powerful key to online success. As companies and content creators compete for visibility and prominence, and in doing so strive to make their mark, a key strategy emerges: understanding and closing content gaps. Let’s say you’ve carefully crafted your website, provided it with quality content,… Read more »