SEO In-House vs Outsourcing: Which is Better for Your Business

seo in-house vs outsourcing

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to attract potential customers for your company. It is the process of improving the performance of your website, as well as publishing high-quality content and making it an authoritative source in your industry.

Like any other type of marketing, search engine optimization is not always effective. Some companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for their campaigns without even covering the associated costs. For this reason, it is crucial to find the right SEO strategy for your business and implement it carefully.

One of the most important considerations is deciding whether to build an in-house SEO team or outsource SEO services. Having an in-house team is great if you want to have more control over your marketing while outsourcing SEO reduces micromanagement.

In this article, we’ll talk about both approaches and their pros and cons. We hope this will help you make the right decision for your brand.

SEO Agency vs In-House SEO: What’s the Difference?

In short, the distinction between agency outsourcing and SEO in-house is whether you engage an outside specialist organization or create an inside team of committed people.

In-house SEO

Internal SEO is when a company hires employees who manage the company’s search engine optimization. This “in-house” resource can exist in many forms, depending on the size of the company and the amount of investment they would like to make.

For example, some large companies may have an entire team of dedicated search engine optimization specialists, others may simply assign measure SEO performance to one of their in-house marketing teams, and in small to mid-sized companies, SEO may be just one of many tasks carried by the marketing manager.

Internal roles include marketing and SEO coordinator, SEO specialist, SEO manager, and head of SEO department.

For instance, some big businesses could have a whole department devoted to search engine optimization, while others would merely give one of their internal marketing teams the responsibility to measure SEO performance. In small- to medium-sized businesses, on the other hand, SEO might be just one of the many responsibilities handled by the marketing manager.

Marketing and SEO coordinator, SEO expert, SEO manager, or head of SEO are examples of internal jobs.

SEO Agency

An outside business that provides SEO solutions and assistance is known as an SEO agency. Instead of focusing on broad digital marketing, their whole company is an SEO specialist.

Individual components of optimization, including reach, backlinks, keyword research, or content audit, are frequently the focus of team members. Together, these skilled individuals with cutting-edge technologies, expertise, and experience in the field collaborate to raise their clients’ online sales, conversion rates, and rankings.

In addition to offering a variety of services and packages to meet the needs of most businesses, SEO companies also often provide professional advice, reporting, and strategy development.

Hiring an SEO Company Versus Keeping It In-House: The Main Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to both in-house and outsourced SEO. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Pros of having your own team

  •   •   Dedication. An in-house team can better understand your priorities and business goals. Since the team is paid for exclusive efforts to increase your website rankings and better conversion rates, they are usually more focused, dedicated, and flexible to achieve the desired results.
  •   •   Adaptability as a key factor for growth. Having access to an in-house SEO leadership team means you can communicate your requirements at any time, and adapt to market changes and your priorities.
  •   •   True customization. You can always pull together the resources you need and develop exclusive processes to solve problems as they arise. You have the time, your resources, and your team to serve only you.
  •   •   Quick decision-making. Without management approval, SEO will not yield the desired results. An in-house team of optimizers has the advantage of building instant and ongoing relationships with decision-makers and thus facilitates faster execution.
  •   •   Unlimited time. The internal team can always come together at any time and collaboratively make informed decisions to achieve the growth mark over any distance.

 Cons of in-house SEO

  •   •   High costs. An in-house team is expensive. You need to invest in timely tools and technology, as well as pay for equipment, customization, recruitment, etc.
  •   •   Additional costs. SEO is an evolving industry that is maturing every day. The knowledge your team has can quickly become outdated tomorrow. To keep your team up-to-date, you need to invest in ongoing training and updated resources as well.
  •   •   There are no guarantees of the desired results. What if your SEO team turns out to be useless? What if, despite their best efforts, they couldn’t make the desired difference in organic rankings, paid results, ORM, etc.? This is of great concern.
  •   •   Requires more micromanagement. Organization of all processes, quality control of execution, personnel management – all this is added automatically when hiring any specialists. Add to this internal conflicts, corporate politics, and rivalries between employees.

By doing in-house SEO, you can use publicly available tools. For example, free Google Search Essentials helps you understand the basics of SEO, while with Google Search Console services, you can track how your site is represented in Google search results.

advantages of SEO agency

Advantages of SEO-agency

  •   •   Quick Start. For urgent projects that need immediate attention, you can quickly hire a company and get started instead of doing it in-house where you have to spend a lot of time recruiting new employees.
  •   •   Focus on results. When you contract with a third-party service to handle your SEO needs, you can save money and invest it in growing the company elsewhere. There is no need to train employees, invest in tool and technology development, and expensive events. You just employ an agency and pay them for their services.
  •   •   Benefit from extensive, multi-domain, and multi-platform experience. You can’t always be certain that internal SEO experts will be able to adjust effectively to changing and expanding business requirements when you engage them. They may not even have enough experience in the field beyond what is desired. However, an outsourced SEO agency has a team of several people with cross-domain experience, so they can better handle any task.
  •   •   Saving time and money. While the SEO agency takes care of your project, you save time, energy, and money to focus on your core business and its tasks. This leads to an increase in the overall productivity of the business.
  •   •   Dealing with non-standard issues. The agency may have a ready-made team of related professionals that you may need. For example, if you urgently need a web designer to supplement your SEO efforts, you don’t need to look elsewhere. If an agency has its designer, it can quickly dedicate a resource to a one-time task. This contributes to faster project realization.
  •   •   Better cost control. Search engine optimization outsourcing is always a priority because of the benefits of cost control. The money you invest in training, resources, tools, customization, and other related activities does not exist when outsourcing. All you pay for is what you receive.

Difficulties associated with SEO outsourcing

  •   •   Low team availability. This is a common issue raised by many companies, and it’s because they suffer from delayed responses. After all, CEO agencies often run multiple projects in parallel and don’t always provide personal managers for all customers.
  •   •   Less control over your strategies. Agency outsourcers may be less attentive to all the details and nuances of your promotion strategy.
  •   •   Lack of experience in a particular niche. The agency could lack experience in some fields, which can complicate understanding and reduce the quality of work execution.
  •   •   Cheaper doesn’t mean better. Many online service providers position themselves as reasonably priced, and with shoddy work, they ruin the reputation of the outsourcing sector as a whole.
  •   •   Unwanted dependency. Hiring an SEO agency entails you don’t always control what they do. What if they’re employing black hat tactics to boost their ranks quickly? The influence of such activities is quickly apparent and leads to negative branding. Therefore, you must make a wise choice of SEO agency.

Always remember that SEO providers have full knowledge of your business, and there should be mutual respect on both sides. In any case, if you ever need third-party SEO services, be sure to contact search engine optimization agency Mellow Promo!

6 Things to Consider Before Hire SEO In House or SEO Agency

When deciding whether to do SEO on your own or with a partner, you should consider the following points.

1. SEO budget

Cost is the main consideration when choosing a preference, and it’s not as simple as you may assume. Your instincts may tell you that a specialized agency will be more costly, but working with an outsourcing partner may result in considerable cost savings, especially in the short term, when you take into account the costs of hiring, training, charge, benefits, and other associated expenses.

Will hiring a staff essentially result in cost savings over a long distance? While hiring staff members may ultimately save money in some businesses, SEO is not one of those areas. With every Google update, the industry undergoes continual change, and SEO methods, tools, and approaches also undergo changes.

If your team works internally, your company will cover the expense of new tools and continuous training. However, if you work with an agency, you profit as a customer by not having to pay the bill directly because this continual development is part of their daily operating costs.

2. Scope of your SEO project

Large-scale technical SEO projects often require experience that only an outsourced agency can have. An experienced SEO partner can help you follow the steps necessary to implement a large-scale SEO project from scratch. If your in-house team lacks technical SEO expertise, you’ll struggle to manage in-depth SEO projects.

With an in-house team, expanding SEO may require additional training, new tools, and possibly even hiring more employees, which can require investment and even stunt your growth.

Working with a reputable agency means that your SEO can effectively grow with your business. Agencies work with many different-sized clients from a variety of industries, so they provide plans and SEO content strategy to meet a variety of demands. You may easily increase your package to keep meeting your objectives as your business expands and your needs change.

In order to expedite the scalability of your product, it would be advisable to collaborate with an SEO agency.

3. Expertise

Does your team have the skills, experience, knowledge, and resources to implement an ongoing SEO strategy that delivers results? If so, that’s fantastic.

However, if your team lacks the knowledge to implement SEO campaigns, especially the technical aspects of SEO, it can create problems for your business.

An agency is a business with a specific focus on SEO. Their daily bread is obtaining results on the SERP. The organization hires skilled experts with access to the newest equipment. To deliver the outcomes to consumers’ want and desire, they put forth endless effort.

Additionally, because they operate with a diverse range of customers, SEO agencies have market industry knowledge, proven link building strategies, etc.

A lot of SEO companies also adopt a comprehensive tactic. Together with web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, and public relations professionals, their SEO specialists establish synergistic strategies that maximize results for search engines, clients, and brand owners.

SEO content strategy

4. Urgency

Speaking of speed, if you want to start an SEO campaign, an agency is right for you. Very little customization, no training, and no need to purchase any tools such as software for competitor analysis, SEO stats for your website, etc. Simply inform them, and their professionals will start to work straight away.

As for constantly responding, an SEO agency may have several clients and should consider its capabilities. But typically agencies minimize this impact by hiring dedicated account managers, ensuring quick responses to any current developments.

Additionally, SEO agencies often collaborate with others and possess a wider range of skills, which allows them to identify and implement solutions more quickly than an internal team.

Starting an in-house SEO campaign might take more time. Before you can accomplish anything, you must hire workers, carry out an SEO audit, train, and personalize. In terms of continuous effectiveness, an internal team can react fast to evolving needs, but it also relies on how many other duties they have.

5. Reliability and results

Working with an SEO agency entails becoming their customer. It is their responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. An agency must demonstrate its worth to its clients by providing excellent service and outcomes.

An agency may also provide new ideas and unique insights into your business and strategy. SEO firms will offer thorough reports on what they are doing and the outcomes they are obtaining, as well as backup techniques when needed.

A reputable SEO company will also have staff in place to guarantee that services are not disrupted during vacations, sickness, or even layoffs. With an in-house team, knowledge is frequently held by a few individuals, so when they are absent or depart, your SEO efforts may suffer.

Working with an in-house team, on the other hand, can have certain advantages. In-house SEO implies that the team is totally focused on your company and is anchored in your brand and culture. Furthermore, with proper training, tools, and continuing support, an in-house team may accomplish outstanding outcomes.

6. Control

Retaining complete control is one of the main reasons to go with an in-house team. You’ll have insight into everything the SEO team does and regular touchpoints, and you’ll keep that experience in-house.

The problem with outsourcing is that you never know what’s going on in the background. Some SEO companies are willing to do anything to fulfill their requirements, including taking unnecessary risks or using black hat methods.

When dealing with an SEO firm, you may keep strong control if you pick the correct partner. Mellow Promo, a flexible and open SEO agency, collaborates with its clients, working as an extension of the client’s business. Our clients are always in control because of our strong project management, constant pursuit of outcomes, shared knowledge, and complete transparency.

  • Hiring SEO Agency vs Hiring In House Specialist: Final Thoughts

  • Outsourcing and internal efforts should work side by side. If you are in the process of growing your business, focus on where you want to excel the most. Remember, it’s important to prioritize and understand which processes you want to do yourself and which should be delegated to outside sources.Is it worth outsourcing SEO? Yes. Outsourcing SEO is a strategic move. Especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business that has immediate needs within a certain budget.

    If you are a relatively large enterprise that needs more control, and you want things done in a favorable environment, then in-house SEO is what you need.

    Either way, if you ever need third-party SEO services, be sure to contact Mellow Promo! We will be happy to help you and are ready to continue with various strategies to SEO optimize your website.

    We use proven and comprehensive SEO methods to increase the ranking of our clients’ websites. In our face, you will find a reliable partner!

    Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll tell you all about it.