Why SEO Audit is Important

SEO Audit

Numerous companies are now well aware of how important an online presence is. They create official websites for the convenience of visitors, as well as to increase sales of goods and services. Also, the purpose of creating a website is to convince visitors to take targeted action. Target action does not always mean purchasing a product or service.

Under the target action, marketers can mean subscribing to social networks, providing contact information, subscribing to an email newsletter, and much more. The percentage of visits to any website is determined by how well the website performs in terms of SEO. The owners’ responsibility is to make the site accessible so that it shows in the top results of search engines when visitors submit certain searches.

However, getting to the top is a task that not every website owner can do. The problem is that many do not understand how important it is to do a website SEO audit. Many owners understand the SEO benefits for their business, but often they are only concerned with getting backlinks and creating unique content. By auditing your website for SEO, you can eliminate the smallest details that prevent your business from being ranked high among the top search engines.

We’ll discuss why you need an SEO audit and the many types, advantages, and other aspects you should be aware of. To stay ahead of your rivals, you may now utilize professional SEO audit services.

What is an SEO audit

What is an SEO audit?

Search engines work in such a way as to help users quickly find relevant and accurate information that meets all their needs. Many websites are ready to offer users answers to their questions. However, website owners often try to cheat by tricking search engines to get into the top positions for certain user queries.  

Thus, special guidelines have been developed for website owners, by following which websites can improve their ranking and, accordingly, approach the top positions of search results. It is simply not possible to manually check each website, so special algorithms have appeared that analyze websites for compliance with the guidelines.  

The quantity of best practices is enormous, and website owners may find it challenging to keep track of everything. That is why website owners participate in SEO auditing, a procedure that aids in the identification of all little issues, inconsistencies, and violations that prohibit their web resources from ranking higher.

Why SEO audit is important

The answer to this question is as simple as the answer to the question of why it is important to do maintenance on your car. On the surface, the car may be in immaculate condition, but if you do not get under the hood, then you may never guess that something may be wrong with your car. Your vehicle may perform well on the road, but at one point it may stop or stall for no reason.  

The same applies to your website. On the surface, a website can have a nice design, a user-friendly interface, and interesting content. However, at one point, you may find that the amount of organic traffic starts to decrease. If you do not do SEO site analysis, you will never know what could have caused the decrease in the number of visitors.  

Here are some reasons why website SEO review is of paramount importance:  

  • •    Modifications to the algorithms’ work. What was relevant a few months ago may be out of date now. Developers make changes to the algorithm parameters frequently. That’s why website auditing should be done regularly; 
  • •    Guideline edits. If you have a specialist dealing with SEO, then he should have up-to-date information about everything in this area. However, sometimes this is monitored by specialists who forget that it is necessary to monitor any changes in the guidelines;  
  • •    Internal errors and broken links. It is easy to miss issues that could arise unexpectedly on your site. That is why a technical SEO audit is so vital. Also, if other sites link to you, you should ensure that all links are functional. There are several types of backlinks that you might employ. If some of them cease operating, you will simply lose visitors; 
  • •    Irrelevant content. Marketing specialists should make adjustments to the website’s content to deliver fresh and helpful information to consumers. However, effort must be made to ensure that all data (meta titles, for example) matches the content. It is also crucial to keep material up to date.

Benefits of SEO audit

You should do an SEO audit of your website regularly to enhance both revenues and traffic. Here are some of the advantages you will gain from it:

Increasing website loading speed

There are a small number of businesses that offer something unique in terms of content, products, and services. Thus, for one user search query, thousands of results appear. Even if your website ranks first on Google, you can easily lose visitors due to slow loading speeds.  

Slow speed sometimes depends on what kind of design your website has, as well as technical problems. If you observe that your website loading speed takes more than 5-10 seconds, then you need to urgently conduct a technical site audit. By identifying all the problems and fixing them, you will not keep your visitors waiting. 

Benefits of SEO

Identifying important keywords for your niche

In a good way, the content on each page of your website should be built around a couple of significant keywords or phrases that will bring buyers to you. However, manually researching and selecting keywords can take a lot of time and effort.  

Thus, an SEO content audit helps to identify the most important words and phrases for your business in the shortest possible time. Knowing this, marketers will be able to create SEO-friendly content that will drive organic traffic to your site.

Ease of use for customers

Customer satisfaction depends not only on the high quality of goods and communication with call center specialists. The first pleasant experience your customers get from using your website.  

If your site works properly and buyers have nothing to complain about, then they will have no reason to visit your competitors’ websites. A full website SEO audit allows you to identify the slightest errors that can affect the first impression of customers from using your website. 

Getting to the top and increasing organic traffic

Ultimately, a full SEO audit will lead you to the fact that your web resource will be able to get to the top positions in the search results. If you do not buy ads to get to the first positions, then organic traffic will come to your site.  

Of course, paid ranking services can give you good results, but in the short term. If you naturally get into the lead, then visitors to your site will come constantly. 

Types of SEO audits

Types of SEO audits

There are many types of SEO, so the number of audits will be the same. In order not to dive into details, at the initial level, each specialist needs to know about 3 main SEO audit types: 

On-page SEO audit

Performing such a check, experts analyze the internal elements. This includes content, meta descriptions and titles, any visuals you use, and more. You should also pay attention to what visuals you add and whether they are easy to load for viewing. 

Off-page SEO audit

In this case, we are talking directly about the backlink audit. If you interact with other reputable websites that link to your website, you need to keep those links active at all times. After checking, you can find broken ones and either offer web resources to replace them with another one or fix all problems so that they become active again. 

Technical SEO audit

Here we include checking everything that is hidden from the eyes of users. You need to check the page responses, indexing, structure, navigation, loading speed, performance, and everything else. In addition, you should not forget that the security check is also important, which refers to the advanced technical site audit.  

These are the main types that you need to devote enough time to make everything work flawlessly. Apart from this, you should also take care to perform a mobile SEO audit and local SEO audit. Also read our article on competitive SEO audit.

How to audit a website for SEO?

  1. 1.   Find reliable tools. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of applications and software that are designed specifically for a full SEO audit. You can find both paid and free tools that will help you conduct a qualitative analysis;
  2. 2.   Find errors related to technical parameters. It is necessary to pay attention to those errors and issues that are behind the scenes. They can prevent your visitors from getting to your web resource quickly, and they can also affect the duration of the visit.
  3. 3.   Define on-page issues. Analyze all the materials presented on your website. These are text materials, images, videos, as well as other visuals. In addition, pay attention to titles, descriptions, and various metadata.
  4. 4.   Look at the problem areas of your design. The first impression is the most lasting and you want it to be perfect. Look at the quality of your website, as well as the problem areas that may be negative for your visitors.
  5. 5.   Explore the content you offer. Outdated and unoptimized materials presented on your resource will not help you climb to the top. Evaluate the relevance of your content to date and its value to visitors. Determine what content needs to be updated for marketers to start fixing issues quickly. Also, work on internal links for ease of navigation.
  6. 6.   Make a list of all problem areas. Eventually, after completing all the audits, you will be able to get a list of problematic points. After that, you can start looking for solutions to your problems. Try to fix any errors quickly so that your website looks attractive to visitors.

Best SEO audit tools

Today, there is no shortage of effective tools to help you run an SEO audit. You can find many free and paid website audit tools. In addition, some tools are suitable for a complete analysis, and there are also specialized ones. Here’s what you can use:  

  • •    SEMrush  
  • •    Ahrefs  
  • •    SE Ranking  
  • •    SEO Site Checkup  
  • •    Seomator  
  • •    PageSpeed Insights 

Audit your website with the Mellow Promo team

If at first glance all the information can be clear, then when you start to delve into the details, you can easily get into a dead end. A search engine optimization audit includes a million details that you need to understand thoroughly. Our digital marketing agency will help you achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time.  

We will help you quickly identify all the pain points that are not increasing your website’s rankings, and we will fix any errors. You will notice an increase in organic traffic and enjoy the growth of your business.