Why Are Backlinks Important For SEO?


Every website owner wants their resources to rank first in search results, receive a lot of traffic, and generate income. Many understand that it’s hard to advance by key queries in a competitive niche. Therefore, they use SEO for business growth. SEO specialists, in turn, focus on a website audit, correcting existing mistakes, and developing a backlink strategy.

One of the key objectives when developing a website promotion strategy is to build high authority backlinks from as many domains with solid metrics as possible. If you’re new to SEO or have only recently launched your company, it’s likely that you are unaware of the various types of SEO and backlinks benefits. Learn what backlinks are and why they are important for SEO by reading our article.

What Are Backlinks (aka Inbound Links)?

A backlink (also known as an inbound link) is the result of one site mentioning another on its page using a link. As a rule, this indicates that the webmaster offer trusted resources that can bring some benefit to users.

The more resources link to your project or website, the faster the level of trust from search engines increases. When generating search results, projects, which are more often referred to by authoritative resources, are placed higher.

So, if someone linked on their social media page, forum, blog, or website to your site and inserted your link, you have got a backlink.

Are Backlinks Important For SEO?

The quantity of incoming links to a website is taken into account by several search engines as part of their ranking algorithms. Backlinks are crucial for search results since they indicate a website’s popularity and how frequently people visit your website.

Resultative promotion is impossible without high-value backlinks. In competitive niches and specific regions, it’s challenging for a commercial site to get to the top without such links. Your well-thought-out SEO backlink strategy is a great way to build trust in your online brand. SEO and backlinks are key tools for getting quality leads to find your brand online.

From this, we draw a definite conclusion about the importance of backlinks. It’s safe to say that no SEO campaign is complete without a backlink strategy and inbound links. Read also about the importance of guest posting.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Here we are going to talk about why backlinks are important for SEO and your company. We have divided backlinks’ importance into 3 points:

 1. Backlinks in SEO increase site traffic. It’s a great tool to drive traffic to your site. Seeing your link in some articles, users follow it and visit your website. Now, your task is to keep them there as long as possible.

2. Relevant backlinks boost your website credibility. High-quality backlinks improve your online visibility, allowing more potential clients to find you among your competitors – an incredibly critical factor for brands in today’s crowded digital marketplace.

3. Inbound links are, for the most part, eternal. Paid advertising or other paid marketing tactics have a time limit and an expiration date. To increase the duration of the campaign, you need to pay more. But your quality backlinks will persist as long as the page stays active. Thus, when posting different backlink types, you will get permanent placement on various pages in Google for ever.

These are the main three points regarding the importance of backlinks in 2022. In general, the more backlinks you have from trusted and high-authority resources, the higher your site will rank.


How Does Backlinking Work?

If you have read up on this item and haven’t yet understood how backlinking works, here is a summing for you.

When planning your SEO campaign, you allocate some of your time and budget to the backlinking strategy (we have already mentioned backlinking meaning and importance of backlinks). After, you start backlinks creation (we will talk about types of backlinks in SEO a little later).

After inserting the links, all that is left to do is wait for the search engine algorithms’ operation. Additionally, they assess the website’s credibility and favor reliable resources. The more trust resources link to you, the higher your ranking in search results. A backlink from a reputable, high-quality website “weighs” more than one from a new project or a resource that is trying to cheat algorithms. Thus, backlink creation boosts your Google search rankings.

It’s a very brief description of how backlinking works.

What Is A Backlink Profile?

A backlink profile is all incoming links that lead to the pages of the site, taking into account anchors, authority, and thematic donors, as well as an abundance of other factors. That is, these are all links that lead to your project and have a subjective assessment for certain indicators.

The most natural and powerful backlinks indicate the URL of the site and the name of the brand or company. And those that contain keywords only can lead to pessimization of the resource, i.e. to a decrease in its position in the search results.

There are several ways to improve the backlink profile (read also about backlink profile audit). It’s always wise to combine various strategies for getting more backlinks from external resources, each of which has pros and cons, compliance with copyright rules or social media, is purely commercial or based on partnerships. Below we will consider examples of the best backlink strategy. But before that, we are going to briefly tell you about the existing types of backlinks in SEO.

Types Of Backlinks In SEO

The backlink profile is currently one of the most significant indicators of website quality for search engines. There are several types of backlinks. However, at the moment, there is no single classification. So, let’s take a quick look at the main types of backlinks in SEO.

By lifespan:

   • Rental backlinks are temporary links, usually bought for a while and then removed by the webmaster in a certain period.

   • Eternal links remain on the page. As a rule, such backlinks are much more expensive than rental ones.

By anchor text:

   • Anchor – links with informative text between the characters <a href=”URL”>anchor text</a>. For instance, Mellow Promo.

   • Anchorless – the anchor is a link address (for instance, https://mellowpromo.com/) or a demonstrative word (here/check/click).

Dofollow Vs. Nofollow:

   • The dofollow parameter tells search bots that they can follow the link and index it.

   • Nofollow – robots don’t follow the link and don’t index it.

By method:

   • Natural – in most cases, they appear for free. People share content on a topic or confirm their statements with proof.

   • SEO backlinks are bought to improve the backlink profile for website promotion.

It’s a general classification that superficially describes what types of backlinks in SEO exist. Follow our blog to learn more about various types of inbound links.

Best Backlinks For SEO

The domain authority linking to your resource affects the weight of each inbound link. It’s worth abandoning mentions from malicious websites that don’t have unique content. Usually, such resources link to a great variety of sites from different niches, so the search engine doesn’t trust them.

Most of the following criteria are satisfied by high-quality backlinks that help promote websites:

   • You place relevant backlinks on the same domains.
   • You place backlinks on high-authority domains.
   • Your anchor and text correspond to each other.
   • An anchor is a keyword.
   • You create 70% of dofollow backlinks.


How To Create A Good Backlink Strategy?

The ultimate goal of a quality backlink strategy is to ensure the number of quality backlinks to the site that can generate powerful passive traffic.

Try to follow these tips to create a good backlink strategy:

   • Generate backlinks gradually, without sharp jumps. The perfect option is to generate about 200-300 backlinks per month. Not all of them will be indexed – be ready for this. 20-30 active direct backlinks per month are enough for a new website.

   • Published backlinks shouldn’t lead to one page. Choose different subpages as acceptors and select donors of various types and categories.

   • Backlinking means quality, not quantity. Choose natural anchors, surround the link with well-written and useful texts, and select visited and active donors.

   • Generate unique and high-quality content. It will help you get high-value backlinks.

   • Post a review of your regular collaborators’ work if you have any. In this manner, you will receive a backlink, and they will get a favorable testimonial.

   • Use social networks to make contacts, promote your company, and obtain additional backlinks.

   • Hire a link-building company. You can thus save both time and money. A group of experts will assist in creating a backlink strategy and gaining effective backlinks to your website.

Final Thoughts On The Importance Of Backlinks

So, we have discussed what a backlink in SEO is, how do backlinks work, how to get backlinks to a website, what makes a good backlink, briefly consider backlink types, and learn what a backlink profile is. From the foregoing, we can conclude that backlinks are an essential component of website promotion and advertising.

While ranking, search algorithms still take inbound links into account, but prioritize content quality and user behavior. Don’t forget to increase the citation of the resource on the Internet – give priority to natural links and partner publications. It’s important to improve the backlink profile evenly: a sharp jump in placing a large number of backlinks can lead to sanctions, but their lacking can also lower the position of the resource in the search results.

Remember that for resultative promotion, the quality of each backlink is significant. Therefore, the number of high-authority links affects the ranking positions only – the more such links, the better. To save time and maximize the result, we recommend ordering link-building services from trusted companies that can fully take over the backlink management and conduct backlink analysis and research. As a result, you will get manual backlinks and high rankings in search results.


Here you can find short answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do backlinks help SEO?

The answer is certainly “Yes”. Your backlink strategy plays an extremely crucial role in any SEO marketing campaign.

How important are backlinks?

Without powerful backlinks, it’s hard to improve your website and brand credibility, as well as increase traffic. You simply won’t achieve any of mentioned results.

What backlinks are best for SEO?

The best backlinks are links from authoritative sources in your niche. Moreover, backlink promotion should be smooth. In addition, we recommend combining different types of backlinks and using all kinds of backlinking tools to analyze which ones work best for you and the results.

What makes a good backlink?

A good backlink is a dofollow link with a keyword as an anchor placed on a trusted resource in the subject text.

How many backlinks is good?

It all depends on your project, as well as the goals that you set for SEO promotion. If we talk about average quantities, the optimal number of links to place per month is 300. Only some will bring results and will be indexed by Google. The number of active backlinks for a new website is 30. Take this information into account but keep in mind that everything is individual and depends on the specific project.