Why blogging is important for SEO

Why blogging is important for SEO

It is now quite common to see a blog section on various websites. Blogs are starting to be run by various companies, businesses from small to large, as well as ordinary users. If for ordinary users blogging is an opportunity to gain popularity, as well as to share their deep knowledge in any field, then for companies and businesses, blogging means something more. 

Blogging for companies is a great opportunity not only to be closer to their customers but also a great opportunity to gain greater recognition, as well as attract new customers and clients. The same goes for blogging for small businesses. While large companies can spend huge sums on marketing, both traditional and digital, small businesses do not. They have to use various strategies and tactics to help attract more buyers. 

There are many reasons to blog. Often different companies and businesses use a blog to tell users as much information as possible about their business, and how it works, as well as useful information about how to order goods, arrange delivery, and much more. However, in addition to this, it serves to share new relevant information with users that will arouse their interest, as well as help solve their problems. 

However, if you want your blog to produce significant results, you should be aware of what you need to do to create SEO-optimized blogs. This is not an easy task, as it requires you not only to be excellent at writing informative articles but also to have deep knowledge of various types of SEO, as well as what you need to do to raise your web resources much higher than your competitors and get to the top of the search results for user requests. 

In this article, we will talk about how SEO and blogging are related, as well as why blog writing for SEO is of paramount importance for your business.

What is SEO blogging?

Using a blog as part of your SEO plan means you don’t just pick different topics that are relevant to your business and user and cover them using your great article writing skills. This is a practice that includes optimizing blog content so that it increases the ranking of your web resource. This includes not only your content writing skills, but also a qualitative change in the structure of your web resource, the correct use of headings, adding backlinks, and much more. 

One of the most important components is the correct use of relevant keywords, thanks to which users can quickly find their way to your web resource. There are different types of keywords, and a good marketer is well aware that you can’t use every keyword in a row, as this may not lead to the desired result. Blogging for SEO means doing the hard work of researching various phrases as well as keywords that can positively influence the position of a web resource on the Internet, namely in search engines.

What is SEO blogging

Does blogging help SEO?

Until a few years ago, many users might be wondering if are blogs still relevant, as they seemed old-fashioned. However, today they help companies and businesses to successfully achieve their goals in terms of finding new customers, retaining loyal clients, and increasing sales. 

The content itself presented in your blog section may not have any impact on rankings. However, if you use your blog for SEO purposes and if you do it right, then you will be able to achieve high results in the long run. While others may be spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital advertising, you will be able to appreciate the importance of blogging in digital marketing and understand that you are getting the best result for less. 

In general, this is how blogging helps SEO according to Ahrefs

  •    •   Over 75% of web users read blog content; 
  •    •   Posting regularly leads to “strong results”; 
  •    •   About 45% of buyers say they usually read 3 to 5 blog posts before contacting a company; 
  •    •   Blog posts that take less than 7 minutes to read help keep users engaged longer; 
  •    •   Over 80% of buyers trust information written in blog posts; 
  •    •   Blogging is the 3rd most used tactic by businesses in content strategy; 
  •    •   Over 75% of companies use blogs to achieve their marketing goals; 
  •    •   Blogs that businesses run increase traffic by over 50%. 
  • Why blog is important for SEO

  • This question is of interest to all companies, as well as businesses from small to large. First and foremost, the purpose of blogging is to provide visitors with valuable information. The main difference in writing SEO articles is that there are practically no ads in them. Users are tired of traditional advertising and instead, they want to receive the important and necessary information that will help solve their problems, as well as answer their questions. It may seem that it makes no sense for companies and businesses to write useful information if they can convert. However, the bottom line is that it will attract the attention of users. Thus, more organic traffic will come to the site. As traffic increases, you will begin to realize that search engines are beginning to trust your website. If search engine bots notice that you regularly publish blog posts and they get a lot of clicks, then this will have a positive effect on increasing the ranking of your web resource. Thus, your blog will begin to approach the leaders of search results, ahead of your competitors. The most important advantage of blogging is that you signal to search engine algorithms that you are providing quality, useful and unique content that users love. This will not go unnoticed and your rating will increase significantly, and the number of visitors and subsequently buyers will also grow. This is why blog posting in SEO is of great importance. As trust in your web resource begins to grow, sales professionals will only have to develop a winning strategy on how to attract visitors to buy goods or services, or take targeted action. In addition, it is important to note that not only your blog pages will start to rank highly, but also other pages, including product pages.
  • blogging for business
  • Benefits of blogging for business

  • Why are blogs good for SEO? In general, the answer to this question is already obvious. Companies and businesses can achieve unprecedented results. This cannot be compared to digital advertising, which attracts paying visitors to the site. There is nothing better than organic traffic that will highly appreciate your web resource and will visit it constantly, eventually becoming a loyal customer. However, you can see many other benefits of blogging. Here are some of them:
  • Your web resource stays fresh and relevant

  • If you go to a web resource that contains information published several months or weeks ago, you, as an ordinary user, will lose interest in it right away. Moreover, such a web resource will not inspire any confidence in you. You will begin to doubt whether the website is up and running or if no one has done it for a long time. The importance of blogging is that your web resource always stays fresh. Posting regularly will tell your website visitors that your website is up and running and ready to offer them the information they need.
  • Your customers will spend more time browsing the site

  • Do blog posts help SEO? The answer is definitely yes. When analyzing the success of your strategy, you will come across such an indicator as the average time spent by visitors on your web resource. This indicator is of great importance. The point is that it increases the chances that the visitor will take the targeted action. Depending on what target action you want visitors to take, be it signing up for a newsletter, leaving contact details, offering a time-limited promotional offer, or something else, if visitors spend longer time on your resource, then the chance increases that they will do it. Your blog’s purpose is to grab the attention of users. Then you can use various strategies, in the form of pop-ups, to focus the attention of users on the target action.
  • search for long-tail keywords
  • A quick search for long-tail keywords

  • Regardless of what field your business belongs to, you understand that the level of competition is high. To attract users, companies use different keywords, LSI and semantically related words to help users find relevant web resources. However, the difficulty is that the competition for keywords is just as fierce. Typically, companies use short phrases or words on their product pages. However, many other competitors use them, and if their website ranks high, you will be left out. Best of all, long key phrases, as well as words, help fight competition. However, they are rarely used in a relevant way on product pages, and in blog posts, they look appropriate. Thus, writing content for SEO is as important as any other aspect.
  • Building an effective link-building strategy

  • Writing blogs for SEO doesn’t just mean that you provide valuable information to your visitors. High-quality blog posts have a huge impact on building an effective link-building strategy. This applies not only to backlinks but also to internal ones. Many businesses often make the mistake of not using internal links. If you cover a topic in detail in your blog, but it makes no sense to write long posts to which users quickly lose posts, then you can devote several posts to one topic. For users to fully familiarize themselves with the information and get all the answers to their questions, you should insert links to your other posts on this topic in your blog posts. In addition, if your materials are truly valuable and useful, then other sources will want to link to you. This will lead to even more visitors to your web resource. Read also about the benefits of guest posting for SEO.
  • You create shareable content

  • High-quality and useful materials rarely go unnoticed by users. If your blog post is great at covering a topic, then your visitors will want to share such useful content with their friends, family, and colleagues. Those, in turn, will also share it with other people. By using blog posts for SEO, you’re setting the stage for your content to be shared. If you publish articles regularly and publish content that is relevant to the public, you will receive a large increase in organic traffic in the long run. This is why having a blog is a must.
  • Blogging for SEO: Final Thoughts

  • Blog benefits are incredible for every company, and business, big and small. You should not miss the opportunity to become a leader in search results, as well as attract a huge number of potential buyers who will eventually become your loyal customers. Mellow Promo is a digital marketing agency that is ready to take on all the hard work and present you with the best results for your business. We offer our blog writing services for every company and business, regardless of niche. Do not miss the opportunity to quickly achieve the prosperity of your business!